A growth mindset starts with better thinking

We train sales teams, coach leaders, and run executive programs to  help  you achieve things you never thought you could. How?

By changing your thinking to help increase revenue and achieve personal fulfillment.

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A few of our clients & keynotes

“Achievement without Betterment is for the ego”
— Chad Sanschagrin

Leadership and coaching and keynotes.
Oh my.

Through training and programs, we unlock the potential of sales teams to achieve top performance goals. No hocus-pocus stuff here. Just good old-fashioned positive mindset changing.

about the founder

Yes, he's high energy.

No, he won't make you do push-ups.

Chad Sanschagrin is a well-known executive leadership and sales coach. He founded Cannonball Moments to empower, motivate, and encourage others to reach their full potential.








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how we work

We blow minds, not budgets

Do you want to increase your company sales and revenue?
Do you want to create global recognition and awareness for your brand?
Do you want to revolutionize and set trends for your industry?

Through our sales and leadership coaching, training programs, and speaking engagements we teach techniques and inspire others to reach their own human potential for personal and professional achievement.

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During the training Chad and his team spend time up front getting to know our employee’s belief system and mindset , which is at the center of their training program. The team’s energy and betterment mindset are infectious, and the results have followed for us.

- Tom Baldwin
President OYL Division, Caruso Homes

Chad and his team have been really great to work with over the past 5+ years. They constantly provoke thought, introspective and gain perspective on leadership and growth that get lost in the day to day activities of working in the business. Chad has been instrumental in driving personal growth at multiple levels of the Team and helping us foster and build a growth mindset.

- Mark Somerville
President, Caruso Homes

"A fantastic experience and conference that help us grow our network and our tools and resources to provide better service to our internal and external customers"

- Conference attendee

“Our team has been engaged with Cannonball Moments for nearly 7 years.  The training and coaching provided for our sales and leadership teams, more specific to the residential construction industry, has been exceptional.  The growth within in our team has been heavily influenced by our involvement with Cannonball.”

- Tim O’Brien
President, Tim O’Brien Homes

“I LOVE the energy at this conference and the feeling that you walk away with hearing and witnessing people who have overcome things and sharing their "how" story, which empowers attendees to do the same.”

- Conference Attendee

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Whether you want to consider working with us for leadership or sales training, are considering us for a speaking engagement or keynote presentation, or just want to talk about how to find those cannonball moments, reach out to us here…and let’s get that ball rolling.

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