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Engage your sales teams
one high-five at a time.

Group sales team training sessions are guided by high-level mindset lessons and tactical strategies, facilitated through an interactive approach.

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Training for sales teams that want to perform better and drive results

We offer virtual and face-to-face leadership training and keep an overall balance that works well with leaders who learn through a variety of channels and concerned about time constraints. We understand how others learn and created a teaching approach to match.
Cannonball University

Cannonball University is our online portal that offers access to training materials. Leaders enrolled in the coaching program have access to customized and personalized information at their fingertips.

Guided Group Sessions

Guided by our high-level mindset philosophy, leaders experience a series of group sessions with tactical sales and leadership lessons. Each session has a goal and focus with a very intentional outcome.

Live, Facilitated Conf Calls

There is nothing that can truly replace real, human interaction. Therefore, we we make in-person visits during the course of the training to maintain an interpersonal relationship.


To get started, we bring the training to you and facilitate an in-person kickoff seminar to set the tone, intentions, and cadence for the program.​

Let's dive in

Whether you want to consider working with us for leadership or sales training, are considering us for a speaking engagement or keynote presentation, or just want to talk about how to find those cannonball moments, reach out to us here…and let’s get that ball rolling.

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