mystery shopping

Life's a mystery.
Sales don't have to be.

Instead of just showing you what your sales people are doing when you’re not watching, we help you develop and execute new home sales strategies that positively affect your bottom line.

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Mystery Shopping with
New Home Sales Connection

Our mystery shopping programs provide simple, objective observations of your new home sales team through the eyes of professional, undercover shoppers. The end result? More sales.
Live Mystery Shopping

When mystery shoppers go on assignment to your model home, they analyze everything from your customers’ point of view, from the home condition to greeting, service, knowledge and parting comments.

Competitive Shopping

Identifying the KPI’s which influence win rates allows you to focus on areas that will significantly impact the improvement of your home selling talents and agent differentiation compared to your competition.

Mystery Ear Shopping

Our comprehensive telephone mystery shop begins with the proper recruitment of expert evaluators in order to deliver the highest quality telephone mystery shoppers when conducting your new home sales evaluations.

Competitive Analysis

We'll present you with clear data and detailed reports that you can use to develop a marketing strategy or create a sales culture that will turn prospects into home buyers

Video Mystery Shopping

Video mystery shops capture real customer interactions as they happen. So you and your team can see and hear exactly what it’s like to experience your brand through your customer’s point of view.

1:1 Training

We train real estate agents and brokerages to monitor and track their skill development

Let's dive in

Whether you want to consider working with us for leadership or sales training, are considering us for a speaking engagement or keynote presentation, or just want to talk about how to find those cannonball moments, reach out to us here…and let’s get that ball rolling.

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