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How do you get better? By joining the Betterment Circle. Here, you can expect to better your leadership skills, personal life and brand, relationships, mindset and career.

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What you get by joining
the Betterment Circle

Monthly video calls

What’s going well personally and professionally? What obstacles are you facing? Our bi monthly video group calls provide you with the opportunity to gain insights from fellow leaders and make positive changes.

1:1 Coaching

Chat with Chad during your one-on-one coaching sessions. These sessions will help you identify best business practices, clarify your goals, and strategize next steps to tackle your biggest challenges.

Live Summits

Do you love to travel? We’ll be visiting 3 exciting and advantageous destinations around the country within the year. We’re not into “all work and no play” in the Betterment Circle!

Health & Mindset

The stresses involved with leadership can take a toll on your mental and physical health. We’ll help you stay ahead of the game by challenging you to stay active during the week, set boundaries and develop mental toughness.


Want to speak at IBS? Thinking of writing a book? Starting a blog? With our writing and speaking workshops, you’ll learn how to maximize the impact of your words and inspire your audience to take action.

Guest Speakers

You’ll hear from world-renowned industry experts, including New York Times best sellers and famous entrepreneurs and business leaders. Our fantastic, successful guest speakers are ready to share their trade secrets with you.

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