When houses don't sell, read this book.

"When Houses Don’t sell” is more than just a manual for avoiding missteps—it's a testament to the resilience and adaptability of sales professionals in an ever-evolving landscape. Through its blend of practical advice and genuine storytelling, the book inspires readers to embrace their mistakes as an opportunity for growth.

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I always knew if I had the right tools I could be the best new home Consultant in my state. This book is the tool that I’ve been waiting for!

Kim P, Realtor®

An insightful journey into the world of new home sales, dissecting the most prevalent mistakes encountered in the industry.

About the book

Key themes discussed in
When Houses Don't Sell.

From making assumptions about our customers to failing to set proper expectations, this book leaves no stone unturned in its exploration of common pitfalls. However, amidst these challenges lie invaluable lessons and opportunities for growth. With each mistake dissected, Brook offers actionable insights and alternative approaches, empowering readers to navigate similar situations with confidence and finesse.

The power of personal anecdotes to illustrate sales mistakes vividly, making them relatable and memorable for readers.
Recognizing common mistakes sales professionals make in the new home sales industry.
Actionable strategies to avoid pitfalls, empowering salespeople with practical insights to enhance their performance.
Chapter-based key tasks, encouraging readers to apply the lessons learned and integrate them into their sales practices, fostering continuous improvement.
Promotes ongoing development and growth among sales professionals, reinforcing the importance of learning and adaptation in the industry.
About the author

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Brook is an accomplished sales leader with a decade of experience. She is driven by the desire to always look forward and grow in every aspect of her life, both personally and professionally. Brook is consistently pursuing improvement while simultaneously spreading joy to every person she comes in contact with. She is Nashville born and bred, holds a degree in psychology, and is a proud first-generation graduate. All accolades aside, her biggest and most proud accomplishment is being a wife and mom to three beautiful girls.