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To build something first requires building relationships.

Our builder-centered coaching approach helps everyone in the construction relationship-chain including superintendents, assistant superintendents, and customer service managers.

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Construction training that builds on itself

Empower Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, and Customer Service Managers to better face and resolve challenges by giving them the vital sales techniques that have helped your sales teams.

Our Construction Coaching Program is led by construction professional, Greg Cooper. With two generations of constructions before him, Greg  has homebuilding in his DNA. With his unique perspective and insight, he presents a powerful coaching experience that's critical for today's construction management professionals.
Team virtual calls

Twice-monthly virtual sessions help you work on developing best practices, discussing relevant issues, and checking in on team members' mindsets.

On-site visits

Seeing the real thing in real time is where the value is at. Greg's site visits deliver connection and collaboration insights where your construction teams work everyday.

Leadership virtual calls

These 1:1 calls between Greg Cooper and your Construction Leader are designed to promote growth and provide support by reviewing recent activity and any issues that arise.

Let's dive in

Whether you want to consider working with us for leadership or sales training, are considering us for a speaking engagement or keynote presentation, or just want to talk about how to find those cannonball moments, reach out to us here…and let’s get that ball rolling.

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